How To Get a Golf Rangefinder

What Is A Golf Rangefinder?
In golf, distance is an essential element that you always have to take into account for success. A golf rangefinder is what you need for accurate and more reliable data. You can get one at Rangefinder Now.

The golf rangefinders can be a standalone device that you wear like a watch or clip on to something, or it can be software that you install on an electronic device like a smartphone or tablet. There are two types of the golf rangefinder which are the GPS rangefinder and the laser rangefinder. Although both will help you determine the distance accurately, they have some pros and cons. Understanding the merits and demerits of each of the two types is what will help you choose the best for your game.

How Can A Golf Rangefinder Help You?
A golf rangefinder is one of those things that most golfers can not go to the course without one. If you still do not use it here are some ways that it can help you.

1. Speeding Up Play
The rangefinder will calculate the distances to any point in seconds which is vital in speeding up play. When using these devices, you will never have to waste any time trying to estimate the distances using markers. Club selections are very fast because you already know what range you want to hit and so this means that you will be able to play more golf because everything is quick.

2. Compensate For Slopes Or Elevation
Modern rangefinders have a slope compensation feature which will be very helpful for a golfer. Although most professional tours do not allow for this feature, it will still add some value to your game. With the slope compensation, you will be able to get very accurate distances because the device takes slopes and elevations into account when doing the measurement. Slope compensation is something that is almost impossible to do when relying on yard markers.

3. It Will Boost Your Confidence
By eliminating any doubts about the distance and the club that you need to use, a golf rangefinder will help to boost your confidence with every shot that you make. If you have few uncertainties when making a shot, you will be able to give it your best, and since you already know the average distance from each of your clubs, it will be easy to reproduce it.

Things to Consider to Buy a Golf Rangefinder


Features are the most important things to consider when shopping for a rangefinder as they are what determine the value that it will offer you. Apart from the basic ones that you can find on any of these machines you should also consider one with advanced ones like the Jolt Technology, ESP and also a Vivid Display. And if you are looking for a device with many and advanced features then you can try the Bushnell Pro X7 with 7x magnification, PinSeeker, and Jolt.

Maximum Distance Range

Knowing the maximum distance that a device can measure is also vital for a golfer as this determines how beneficial it will be for him or her. Most will measure more than 400 yards, but the Tour V3 from Bushnell can cover up to 900 meters and this way much more than most others on the market.

Size and Weight

You are likely going to walk with your rangefinder around the course for several hours, and this will be very tiring if it is heavy. The machine should also ideally be small and compact as this will also make it easy to transport. Considering weight and size is vital, and if this is your primary concern, then you should go for a compact and a lightweight device such as the 8397 ACULON from Nikon.

Approval by USGA

It is also vital to know whether a device has permission from USGA or not. Considering this will ensure that you can use it for tours, but it might not be important for you if you only need something to use when playing with your friends over the weekends. A rangefinder like the Bushnell Tour Z6 has an impressive customer rating, and one of the main reasons behind this is the fact that it has USGA approval.

Ease of Use

A professional or experienced golfer will have little to no trouble using any rangefinder, but the same is not the case when it comes to newbies. Some machines are quite complicated, and they will give you a hard time when on the green. And so it is crucial to choose a straightforward device such as the Nikon Coolshot 40i, and this is more so if you are a newbie.


When shopping for anything, it is always important to consider your budget, and so the rangefinder is not an exception. There are several options to choose from and different brands available, and you can be confident of finding something that you can afford. However, if you are looking for something quality when shopping on a budget, you should go for the VPRO 500 from TecTecTec. It is a very efficient device that will give you accurate measurements for up to 550 yards.